About Us

Our Vision

IgniteHope is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering those touched by cancer.

We donate care packages, host socials at oncology units, and have free workshops for cancer fighters, caretakers, and survivors.

We create unique hand-poured candles with inspirational messages hidden throughout the wax. Candles have a magic ability to warm our hearts and illuminate the darkness. As our candles burn, handwritten messages of love and support are discovered. These messages are all unique and written with the intention of bringing peace and hope to the person who has lit the candle.

Purchasing one of our candles, cards, or bracelets helps us carry on our mission to bring empowerment to those impacted by cancer.

 Our Story

Our mission started when our founder and president , Jenna Lindman, wanted to help people undergoing cancer treatment. She is a cancer survivor of 3 years and wanted to make a difference in the lives of people going through the same thing she did.

“I remember when I went through chemo, it was the toughest thing I had ever faced,” recalls Jenna. “I was surrounded by awesome family and friends and had a great network of support, but I still felt very isolated. Sometimes the most meaningful gifts and cards I received were from strangers who heard about what I was going through or acquaintances. There was something very special about someone who didn’t know me that wanted to say ‘hey, I hope you’re doing alight.’ I decided that I wanted to try to bring that special feeling to others.”

Through this she created IgniteHope, a nonprofit that donates candles with inspiring and uplifting messages hidden in the wax to cancer survivors. 

IgniteHope sends out care packages, hosts socials at oncology units, and hosts free workshop for cancer warriors. 

Meet the Board

All of us have come together to do one thing, and that is Empowerment!

Jenna Lindman

Founder & President

Patrick Lopardo


Tino Spears


Kristy Young


Next Steps

To support us please purchase one of our IgniteHope Candles from Etsy, or donate to us directly.

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