Meet Ignitehope! Kristy Young, our Treasurer, talks about her involvement in IgniteHope.

Cancer Empowerment Through Candles

IgniteHope is a nonprofit dedicated to creating hope and empowerment for people undergoing cancer treatment. We are doing this by making candles.

Candles have a magic ability to warm our hearts and chase away the darkness. It is our goal to create candles to be lit in times of sadness, defeat, or struggle. As the candle burns, handwritten messages of love and support are discovered. These messages are all unique and written with the intention of bringing peace and hope to the person who has lit the candle.

IgniteHope donates candles, sends out care packages to cancer fighters, hosts socials at oncology units, and has free workshops for cancer warriors to attend.


We create a wide variety of scents and colors for our candles, and each one has pods hidden inside that have hand written notes of encouragement.

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Cancer Support Socials

Working with hospitals and other cancer nonprofits, we have hosted Socials at Oncology units to meet with and talk to people touched by cancer, to spread empowerment.

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Candle Making Classes

We host free candle making classes for Cancer Fighters and their Caretakers. We also will be hosting ticketed classes to help fund-raise for our organization.

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Next Steps

To support us you can donate to us directly or purchase one of our retail items from the Etsy store!

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