Dear IgniteHope Friends,

Jenna Lindman, Pat Lopardo, and Tino Spears started the formation of this company 7 years ago. It wasn’t too long after that Sue Lopardo and Kristy Young joined the organization. Along the way we were lucky enough to find support and mentorship from organizations like Imerman Angels (thank you Jackie Herigodt and Jonny Imerman). We had unwavering support from Geri Salidas and countless family members and friends.

With our determination to empower those touched by cancer we made amazing friends, hosted dozens of events, and gave out thousands of donations. We met the most inspiring cancer warriors, and we said goodbye to some too. Jenna got to interview folks about their journey and help share their stories. We’ve participated in countless vendor markets and have been able to expand our reach beyond cancer empowerment and offer some light to anyone who needed it.

It’s been an unforgettable, rewarding, and sometimes difficult journey. And now it’s time for us to pass the torch.

IgniteHope as it is currently known is going to be changing. After 7 beautiful years, our founders and board have decided it’s time for us to move on, but we are pleased to announce that the light will still shine.

IgniteHope’s essential functions are being passed on to Cheri Hunt & Northwestern Medicine Living Well Cancer Resources.

We are in the beginning stages of getting them set up with our processes and transferring responsibilities, so we will need some time to do so. We will report back with more updates once we have them 🙂 We are grateful that they will continue what we started.

Gratitude doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about all of you folks who have helped us, and to those of you we have been able to help. This was a difficult but necessary decision; and we can’t wait to see what IgniteHope grows into next.

“If the world is cold, make it your business to start fires.”-Horace Traulbel

-The IgniteHope Team

Meet Ignitehope! Kristy Young, our Treasurer, talks about her involvement in IgniteHope.

Cancer Empowerment Through Candles

IgniteHope is a nonprofit dedicated to creating hope and empowerment for people undergoing cancer treatment. We are doing this by making candles.

Candles have a magic ability to warm our hearts and chase away the darkness. It is our goal to create candles to be lit in times of sadness, defeat, or struggle. As the candle burns, handwritten messages of love and support are discovered. These messages are all unique and written with the intention of bringing peace and hope to the person who has lit the candle.

IgniteHope donates candles, sends out care packages to cancer fighters, hosts socials at oncology units, and has free workshops for cancer warriors to attend.


We create a wide variety of scents and colors for our candles, and each one has pods hidden inside that have hand written notes of encouragement.

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Cancer Support Socials

Working with hospitals and other cancer nonprofits, we have hosted Socials at Oncology units to meet with and talk to people touched by cancer, to spread empowerment.

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Candle Making Classes

We host free candle making classes for Cancer Fighters and their Caretakers. We also will be hosting ticketed classes to help fund-raise for our organization.

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Next Steps

To support us you can donate to us directly or purchase one of our retail items from the Etsy store!

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