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Breanna McLaughlin

Care Package Recipient, Rhinelander, IL

I was so excited to receive my package. Opening it up, and seeing all the goodies made my day! Especially the donut scented candle, the bracelet, and all those lemon heads! It’s such a picker upper during these hard times.

Alberta Eller

Cancer Surivor Westmont, IL

I received your package of special gifts today. While it is gloomy outside, you brought sunshine into my day. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and gifts. While all the candles I make are given away, thank you for giving one to me. Looking forward to another class with you. Until then, best wishes to you and your family. Take care and thanks again.

Lulu Jang

Cancer Fighter, 65, Lisle IL

I made myself a candle in Jenna Lindman’s IgniteHope workshop and I indeed felt empowered. This workshop turned my worst day since cancer to the best and the most meaningful day. Forever grateful.

Kayla Dresher

Cancer Fighter, Muncie, IN

“I felt like getting my story out helped me get a lot of stuff off my chest that I really couldn’t say to anyone in person. Your care package was really nice and the Lemonheads really did help :)”

Tricia Hart

Elmhurst, IL

“Ignite Hope – So true to its name! I purchase several candles at a benefit as I know several people with cancer and thought “What a Great Idea!” I brought a candle home for myself , because who doesn’t love candles. I was sitting alone one night with my beautiful candle burning and noticed a silver little scroll appear, I couldn’t wait to read my message. I opened it and read my handwritten inspiration “You are Beautiful.” I had been feeling quite lonely that evening and my spirit was lifted immediately. I am healthy and this message was so uplifting to me, I can only imagine how wonderfully helpful and inspirational they are to someone battling cancer or any other disease! Thank you IgniteHope for the kind words and lifting so many spirits! Great way to Ignite Hope In All Of us!”

Joan Brown


“One of my oldest and dearest friends with diagnosed at 60 with a rare cancer. During her intense, exhausting and difficult treatment, I sent her an IgniteHope Candle. I wanted her to know I was thinking and praying for her. She was very touched and wrote me to say so. She couldn’t wait to burn the wonderfully scented candle and read the inspirational notes inside. She was also very impressed with the idea that an anonymous candle be sent to another cancer patient. My friend is now in remission and I sent her another candle to celebrate the good news! IgniteHope is a thoughtful and wonderful project.”

Lauren Milazzo

Chicago, IL

“Someone very close to me is battling cancer. We all do our best to be there and to love and encourage. There are still those moments when the silence is all there is. The process of this candle burning down to gradually reveal messages of hope has such an uplifting impact, especially in those darker moments. Thank you for your care and commitment Ignitehope!”

Kerry O’Brien

Wheaton, IL

“Jenna and her team are a true inspiration, not only for the incredible work they do for people facing the challenges of beating cancer, but for their positive impact on everyone. They remind us the power of encouragement and the amazing things that can be accomplished when hope is ignited.

I love IgniteHope’s products and keep them on reserve as gifts for anyone who would appreciate a lift. It feels really good to know that when I give a gift from IgniteHope, people who are facing the greatest challenge of their life are getting support, too.Thank you Jenna for transforming your personal challenge and victory and using your power to bring hope to others.”