Interview with Kelly Carver, IgniteHope’s most recent artist for our candles.

By: Jenna Lindman

Kelly Carver is the artist who drafted our most recent notes for IgniteHope Candles. Kelly is a 31-year-old Brooklynite. We are proud to feature Kelly and grateful for her work which you can find in our candles! Kelly is also helping IgniteHope with an empowering journal which we hope will be available later this year.

A wise Kelly wearing her mask and staying COVID safe.

Kelly, tell me a little about you.

My name is Kelly Carver, I am 31 years old. I am from the Chicago area and have lived in New York for 5 years. I am an anti-money laundering bank examiner for the government for international branches. But, I’m more into my hobbies! I wish I would have discovered my love for graphics 12 years ago. Drawing on my iPad has been huge for me during this pandemic.

 Will you tell me about your art style?

I suppose I am still trying to figure my style out. I typically work in Procreate [a drawing application] and I think my style is more girly and cartoonish. It was really fun to work with IgniteHope because I love lettering and I was able to create some really fun designs. My art inspo is Adam Ellis, known as @adamtots on Instagram.

Jellyfish by Kelly

What other projects are you working on?

I have an Instagram account called Operation Matchless. I was practicing drawing and decided to create a video game art project based off of a bar my friends and I loved in Brooklyn called Operation Matchless. I also broadly help friends with designs for their businesses.

Some of Kelly’s work from Operation Matchless

So Kelly, why did you decide to help our cause?

It’s an amazing cause! I have always wanted to help out with something like this, and I thought this would be the perfect way to utilize a skill. IgniteHope is an awesome organization and I’m very proud of the work you do.

Has cancer impacted your life or loved ones?

Is there a person alive who cancer hasn’t impacted? That’s how my grandfather passed away before I was born. It used to seem like something that only happened to older people, until some of my friends got it – you realize this isn’t some far off thing that can happen.

Letting work by Kelly

Why is hope important to you?

I can’t even describe in words. It’s just everything, ya know? Without it there is nothing.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

Sample of Kelly’s notes for IgniteHope

I don’t know if I have a specific one, but I love empowering all my friends – I’m always everyone’s cheerleader. I just wish people could see themselves the way I see them. I just want people to wake up and realize how amazing they are!

You can find Kelly’s art in our most recent batch of candles, available at Along with some of her work featured here, please see more of Kelly’s work on her Instagram @operation_matchless or on her personal insta @kaycarve. We’d like to give Kelly a huge thank you for supporting our cause and creating such beautiful additions to our candles.